Uber San Francisco vs. Uber Oakland


In September 2014 Uber bought 1455 and 1515 Third St in San Francisco. Almost exactly a year later Uber bought 1955 Broadway Oakland.

From the current Uber headquarters  an Uber costs $9 and takes 13 minutes to get to the San Francisco location and $21 and 21 minutes to the Oakland Location.

In 2013 we covered Uber’s 12 million dollar renovation of 1455 Market Street. Uber has now outgrown their 500,000-square-feet of office space across their three offices in San Francisco.  To expand they are adding new locations in Mission Bay and Oakland. In total the projects will add 803,000 -square-feet, be able to accommodate approximately 5,500 employees, and will cost over 280 million dollars.

The Mission bay location will consist of a six story building and a an eleven story building with a landscaped walkway connecting the two. The total value of this new complex is 130 million dollars according to building permits filed on August 24th and November 18th with the city of San Francisco. The eleven story building will be at 1455 3rd Street and cost 66.6 million dollars and the six story building will be at 1515 3rd Street and cost 57.6 million dollars with 6 million in landscaping to round out the total. Plans to the building can be found here and progress can be tracked on BuildZoom profile page for this address.

The Oakland location will convert the old Sears building into office space fit for tech. So far 2 permits were filed on September 1st with the City of Oakland  totally $2 million for interior renovations. However, make sure to monitor this location to see what new work needs to complete the designs Uber has in store for the Oakland location.

via BuildZoom